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Google Connect Plugin
Sent you a PM.
Forum Admin
Okay, looks like the problem is this one:
miloraa Wrote:I just realized what the problem was. Just so you know next time some one annoying like me comes. The problem was that I already registered directly on the forum with this gmail email and then registering/loging in with same gmail account (same email in this case) won't work.

This is indeed a very special case that might cause errors.
Forum Admin
Hi Lennart,

leider scheitere ich daran mit mit der G+ API den G+ Login auf meiner Website ( hinzuzufügen.
Ich bin bereit, die neun Euro zu bezahlen sobald du mir garantierst dass das Plugin immernoch funktioniert.
Es ist ja jetzt schon etwas älter und ich möchte nicht dass irgendwelche Komplikationen auftreten.


Ich werde die Subscription jetzt kaufen und vermerke hiermit offiziell, dass ich das Abonnement nur wegen des G+ Login Plugins eingehe. Falls während der Installation irgendwelche Probleme auftauchen sollten, und das Plugin nicht wie bechrieben nutzbar ist, behalte ich das Recht ein den Betrag von 9 EUR sofortig zurückzuerstattet zu bekommen.
Moin Benni,
Rückgaberecht gibts hier normal nicht weil die 9€ eine Zahlung für den Zugang zur Downloadplattform ist, nicht für die Plugins.

Im Demoforum funktioniert das Plugin aber einwandfrei, es sollte also auch bei dir funktionieren - wenn nicht gibt es da bestimmt ne Lösung.

Also ruhig Blut...

Beste Grüße
Forum Admin
(02-23-2012, 12:08 AM)Lennart Wrote: Name: Google Connect
Description: Connects your MyBB with google accounts. Full user integration.

- Users who do not have a MyBB account can sign up and log in with google
- Users who do already have a MyBB account can connect their existing account and login with google
- Plugin pulls information from google
- Password generation for new members - they can keep their forum account even if they delete their google account
- Admin informations in profile
- Switch all options on/off and edit all major options in the ACP settings
- Language compatible (english, german formal and german informal included)
- No javascript needed (PHP API only)

Demo: - ([Image: external.png]Demoforum)
Version: 1.9
Compatibility: 1.6.x
Adds files: yes
Changes files: no
Adds templates: no
Changes templates: yes
Adds to database: no
Changes database: yes



Requesting permission via google


Profile view with passwords and IDs

Download for subscribers:

With downloading this plugin you agree with the [Image: external.png]license rules.
If you did not have a valid subscription and you do use this plugin I'll hunt your website down with a C&D / DMCA. Stealing is illegal and my lawyer is good.

Install instructions:
You'll need a google account.

Go to this site:

Create a new project and add your site information like that:

Add a new Client ID and fill in the path to your forum like this:

It is important to link to the misc.php?action=greg in your forums directory here!

You will now get the ID of your google app, the secret key and you already entered the redirect URI at google.
Upload the plugin now and install it. Go to the settings and enter the ID, the secret key and the redirect URI.

Adjust the other settings and enable the plugin.

Have fun with the new users from Google Big Grin

This plugin went through a public beta so it should not contain any bugs. Please report any problems here.

Updated version 1.5 was necessary because of a small bug in the form.
To update to 1.5 simply overwrite the plugin file, there is no need to uninstall the plugin.

Update version 1.6 makes sure, that there is no conflict between Facebook Connect and Google Connect because they use the same naming conventions. To update, simply overwrite your plugin file.

Updated version 1.7 includes a check to make sure, suers with the same email adress are not registered twice (thanks ytlee945!). To update, overwrite all files with the new ones. Attention - there are language file changes!

Updated version 1.8 to prevent double session error at google. To update, simply overwrite your plugin file.

Updated version 1.9 to include the newest Google API and one new feature: Enable/Disable saving apsswords to the database.
To update, please delete the plugin and it's folders from your server and upload the new ones. After that, insert a new setting in your ACP with these values (please do NOT change them!):

thanks for me

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