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Portal thread connector (Request)
Hello, i have this simple request, i wonder if anyone here could make it for free or for some price:

Proportal/or native mybb portal show news at portal.php grabbed from X FID (determined by user)

the news forum should have denied reply permissions

For this to work i have to make a custom BBCODE
<a href="$1">Click here to read and comment the full notice</a>

I write each news at their correspondent forum

Sports forum
-news "a"
Health forum
-news "b"
Food forum
-news "c"

everytime i want to put a notice on the portal i have to create it at their forum (sports, health, food), then COPY the thread to the news forum and add the following to the end of the thread

[news]URL to the first thread i made (the source one)[/news]

This is pretty simple and easy to do, for me, but for the rest of my staff this is really hard and complicated

a plugin with 2 options at admin cp would be great
option 1 : enable/disable
option 2 : set news forum

Template edits:

The template edits should be at newthread (add an checkbox that says "want to put this on news portal?")
This checkbox will determine if copy/edit process should be made with the thread

If so, copy the thread, make it on news portal, using the logged user uid,
and add the bbcode with the source thread, so it's somehow "Linked" as the user will be able to read the article (at news FID) but to post he will have to press the link button and he will be redirected to the original news thread

This will not be useful to proportal only also will be for the MyBB Native portal system, this will make a more ordered system.

Give me your thoughs on this idea
already made by other user....

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