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Is this site dead?
I just subscribed and most 1.4 plugins have not been ported to 1.6
and Lennart hasn't done anything new yet

Sad Is this site dead?

Lennart Please dont DIE like labrocca did
Kind Regards
bump .
BUMP 4 MONTHS LATER !!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is not, I just did not look into the request section very often because my time for new plugins is extremly limited and keeping the old plugins up to date requires most of my time for MybbAddons.

Most of the nonworking 1.4 plugins have been ported to 1.6 by the way.
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If not dead, atleast there are no active users other than the admin. I have had thread subscription problem, which i had reported int he feedback section and did not have any answer even though i am a subscriber!!!
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Just replied to it.

The subscribers are active if they need something. This is a modification forum, mainly used for addon distribution at the moment.

I have a lot of other work to do and less time for this forum. I am sorry.
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