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MyBB 1.8 coming soon
Today MyBB announced in a blog post that MyBB 1.8 will come soon, the beta is expected in may.

1.8 will be the final update for the 1.x series and a move towards the version 2.0.

It looks like all themes will need heavy modification. Plugins should only need minor changes to run on 1.8.

This means that I'll not port any themes to 1.6 at the moment but instead wait for the 1.8 series. Plugins will still be ported to 1.6 (I released 15+ plugins in the last days) and of course to 1.8 aswell.

I am looking forward to 1.8 as a stable base to build on.
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Forum Admin
1.8 will become gold/stable soon. I started porting the plugins to the new version and will add a 1.8 forum section here soon.
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1.8 is released and the first plugins are ported already. I'll open a 1.8 section in about two weeks and release the plugins and themes for 1.8 there.
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