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CMS Addon (article system) public beta testing
Hello everyone,
I completed the mainframe of my newest project - MyBB CMS addon.

There have been a lot of requests for a CMS in the past, with a lot of different opinions how the CMS should look like and which features it should have.

One thing before I start to go into my current CMS- this is of course NOT so advanced as other CMS like Drupal, Joomla or Typo3.
It is designed to fit into MyBB and it does integrate 100% with MyBB as all of my addons do.
It is designed to expand your forum with custom pages in various ways and not to be a stand-alone CMS.

I would really like to hear your suggestions and ideas now - at the moment the CMS is fairly advanced but still easy to modify so I can really take new stuff in.

Allready implemented and working features:
- Creating unlimited pages with eighter text only, BB-Code (WYSIWYG editor included) or HTML (WYSIWYG editor included), you can choose that via plugin settings (MyBB ACP). Demo uses BB-Code everywhere at the moment.
- Create unlimited categories with introduction page (additional text). You decide not only who can create, edit or delete categories but also who can write articles in this category. Settings via MyBB usergroups.
Creation, editing and deleting done via built-in admin interface within two mouseclicks.
- You can create and delete unlimited subcategories for every category
- Rating system (5 star rating), switch on/off in plugin settings
- Comments on every article/page, can be switched on/off in plugin settings
- SEO ready - does not use ID's primarily but uses the names in the URL. Also comes with meta description (first 150 chars from text) which can be turned on/off in plugin settings
- Permissions via plugin settings - which group can post new articles, are users allowed to edit their own articles, which groups can modify articles written by other people (edited by will be shown then), which groups can add/edit/delete categories and subcategories and which groups can even see pages / articles inside the CMS
- Multilanguage support
- Users can report articles and admin can hide articles with one click (backend done, frontend missing)

Planned features:
- Show latest articles on forum index (on/off in plugin settings, settings for how many articles to show)
- Show latest articles by user in profile (on/off in plugin settings, settings for how many articles to show)

I think the design is nice, it should fit MyBB. Comments on it are welcome though, I'm a better coder then designer.

Beta versions for testing on your own local testforum can be given to subscribers of by PM request.

Live demo uses custom design, here are some screenshots with the default MyBB design:
Index - the start page for the CMS. At the moment it does only list the latest articles and the categories but it also could list random articles or best rated articles.
Category view including all options for editing and deleting category and adding an article to it. Please note the text of the category and the subcategories at the left side.
    Editing category with some more text
    Finally the article itself with comments & rating.
    Let's edit the article / page!

Please test and comment this addon Smile
Thank you all very much
Lennart Sauter
Forum Admin
Forum Admin
You are not allowed to see code.

still can choose category

You are not allowed to see code.

yes! so it will look better than text only

- Add to user fav articles would be cool.
for example, 5 fav articles in list & can view all fav articles (button)
Choosing categories does work fine with all test accounts here...
Images can be easily integrated.

User's faves could be based on the rating the user's gave.
So if somebody would rate an article with 5 I'd add it to the faves...

Kind regards
Lennart Sauter
Forum Admin
weird.. maybe only subsciber can't add
Test account was set to subscribers and worked fine.
Could you please try to reload the page without using the cache?

Works like that in Firefox:
Hold Shift and press reload or press STRG+R

Thank you
Lennart Sauter
Forum Admin
That is really great work

Keep it up Lennart
Where link to Download ?
This is beta, there is no download yet.
Forum Admin

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