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Basic Wordpress to MyBB integration BETA
Thanks..nice plugin man..keep it up.
You are welcome Smile

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Hmm I don't know whats wrong. It seems to be installed, im not getting any mysql or php error, but it doesn't show up any content from my wordpress, just at bit of text that reads "Navigation |>" in which the > is clickable.

Also while im at this page, i never appear as logged in even though i am any where else on the forum.

Any idea what could be the issue?

The MySQL connection could be wrong.

I also don't know if this plugin is compatible with the latest Wordpress versions since I do not use it.
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Brilliant plugin my friend rep time
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Is this plugin same with wordbb? ...
Long time to find plugin to integration wp and mybb!
I tested it with 2.8.2 and it worked fine,
I do not know what changed, but I also think it should still work.
I really like to see this kind of pluin from mybb forum because of the factor that they were in a best integration. It was an integration that they take a good advantage to connect with it. I hope that today they could update the plugin to make it work much better.
Any updates?
(11-16-2014, 12:36 PM)Thezerobeatz Wrote: Any updates?

If there are no issues, I'll not make updates. Do you have issues with this plugin?
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