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Hide until reply [UPDATED TO 1.1!]
for the fix
look for mybb_posts
(if you are using a different table prefix)

and replace it with this code

thats the only code allowed to modified by our admin! enjoy..
@Lennart, delete this post or add this message on your update thread to fix this..

thank you! Smile
This plugin should allready use the Table prefix Smile
Forum Admin
i try it and read the file, its still mybb_posts.. Sad

Quote: $query = $db->query("SELECT pid FROM mybb_posts WHERE tid = '$tid' AND uid = '$userid'");

it should be this, right? correct me if im wrong..

Quote: $query = $db->query("SELECT pid FROM ".TABLE_PREFIX."posts WHERE tid = '$tid' AND uid = '$userid'");

Strange, my file offline looked exactly this way but the online version wasn't updated...

Is fixed now, thank you!
Forum Admin
It's a very good plugins.
Great job and thanks for this
Does the BBCodes are allowed in the message that appears?
You are welcome neowarf, thanks for subscribing Smile

BB-Codes are not affected by this plugin, you can of course keep using them.

Best regards
Lennart Sauter
Forum Admin
Thanks Lennart, it's a very good plugin.
I have a little problem with this plug.
Since the update to 1.4.9, the plugin does not work.
a question, if i make a quick replay, the hidden content will be see? Or i need to refresh the hole page, to see it?

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