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Hide until reply [UPDATED TO 1.1!]
Great work Lennart, i like the way you have implemented this one, also the thing about the image is very easy.. lol take care
I assume the gentlemen before on page 5 meant the use of reply.. when in effect when the reply is initiated , he doesn't want the [hide]content[/hide] showing at all, he just wants an image or something else showing
You can show a message and also an image instead of the hide tag using HTML?
Forum Admin
I know im just saying boss i think thats where he was confused
Thanks for the plugin , love it Smile

I was wondering is there a way you can add the [hide] [/hide] code to a function button so members could just click the function button instead?

Thanks .
Yes you can do that very easily, there is a good tutorial over here:

Thank you and best regards
Lennart Sauter
Forum Admin
Thank you Lennart i did do a search but didn't find that thread Smile.

Is there anyway to set this to auto rather than you have to manually have to type hide?
You mean to automatically block the whole post?

The plugin was not meant for the complete post but more for links or stuff...

Are you sure you want to have it automatically and do you want to have it for every post or just for new threads first post?

Please give me some more description on what you would like to have Smile
Forum Admin
Well what i would like is for certain forums on my forum such as new releases, to automatically have post to view thread on every single thread, this way it prevents leaching without thanks which is important in my forum

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