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help in converting it to a plugin
hi im current doing or making a plugin which i plan to name it as mylinkback checker Big Grin

i need a tuitorial on how to integrate to admin cp so admins can do add links to be check whether the link back is attach to certain part/page of the reciprocal link Tongue

heres the demo as of now.. Big Grin it works if i change the domain to because i have a link back for this site Tongue
but i change it to so other forum that has a will checked.. Big Grin

additional for the help is textbox that will let to add a link Tongue or even a link directory too Big Grin

P.S.: i have posted this in community forums

I don't see how your plugin works, how did you add the current links?

Via template or DB?
Forum Admin
i add the link via my cpanel filemanager.. thats the cons then.. i want it to via admin cp Big Grin can you support me with this so we can make it a great plugin? it uses ini_set..
this not really a plugin! Big Grin i just added it on my global template.. if you can help me in authoring this plugin then it would be good enough Big Grin
I don't think you can bridge MyBB and Cpanel as they are on different levels.

It'd also be a security risk, I'd not allow my MyBB ACP to have access to my Cpanel in any way. Cpanel is secured better and has stronger passwords, nobody knows the direct paths and so on.
MyBB in comparison isn't.
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ok.. it is possible to integrate on ACP the php write mode to txt file? or just for database only? sites edit can be done on cpanel, but i think it can be modify via ACP if we can find a good coding then
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You can do any php code via MyBB admin cp in general, I suppose to do that via plugin and settings and write the settings to a file.
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so you can do the request to make this code to a mybb plugin?
I usually do work for subscribers or for money.
You can PM or email me the code and I'll have a look at it and give you some suggestions though.
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ok.. you can help me suggest how to make it as a plugin? Smile
If I know how your basics do look like...
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