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Twitter Badge 2 BBCode plugin
There is a new version of this plugin for MyBB 1.6.6+ [Image: external.png]here!

Name: Twitter Badge 2 BBCode plugin
by AndrewPH & Lennart Sauter
Description: Twitter badge 2 by TwitStamp. Will generate a different image than the Twitter Badge BBCode plugin with the latest news from the twitter account.
Demo: -
Version: 1.1
Compatibility: 1.4.x
Adds files: yes
Changes files: no
Adds templates: no
Changes templates: no
Adds to database: no
Changes database: no


Download for subscribers:

.zip (Size: 1.46 KB / Downloads: 12)
With downloading this plugin you agree with the [Image: external.png]license rules. Additional license rules in the readme file.
Forum Admin
Thats very good
another thank you from me! Smile
(08-19-2009, 01:11 AM)AndrewPH Wrote: another thank you from me! Smile

My Glad Smile
These all the post are nice and impressive. This Twitter plugin lets you create forum wide board messages which appears in the header on your forum. You can add multiple messages with HTML formatting, and you can choose to either display them globally, or only on the index page of the forum.

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