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Mark external links
welcome fullmetalBabe.. Smile you see what are the other plugins i have made here for mybbadons.. Tongue enjoy!
(08-25-2009, 08:21 PM)FullMetalBabe Wrote: I've been looking to do something like this to my links, you do not know how much I appreciate this plugin! Thank you! This is great for my new forum. Big Grin

You are very welcome - I just hope that this is not the only useful plugin here for you Wink
Forum Admin
Works very well on MyBB 1.6, with a minor change to the PHP file, which most of us will be familiar with:

"compatibility" => "14*,16*"

Thank you for this great plugin, Lennart!
Great to hear Smile
Forum Admin
2 enhancement questions...
  1. Would it be possible to make this functionality work in PMs also?
  2. Could an option be added, for this functionality to be applied to internal links also? Probably this would mean renaming the plugin to something like "Mark Links"

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