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[PUBLIC DOMAIN] AJAX loading graphics
If you do make custom themes, you'll always care about small things, small graphics that make the whole look good.
But you usually don't want to give credits to every single image you do use from others so you have to create them yourself all in all.

This might serve you some work. The following graphics are released under the public domain, that means no credits are required, you can go ahead and use them in your own creations, redistribute them or bake cookies with them - whatever you'd like to Wink

AJAX loading graphics in all colors

.gif   spinner_big black.gif (Size: 6.66 KB / Downloads: 276)
.gif   spinner_big green.gif (Size: 6.66 KB / Downloads: 252)
.gif   spinner_big darkgreen.gif (Size: 6.66 KB / Downloads: 247)
.gif   spinner_big lightblue.gif (Size: 6.66 KB / Downloads: 253)
.gif   spinner_big orange.gif (Size: 6.66 KB / Downloads: 249)
.gif   spinner_big pink.gif (Size: 6.66 KB / Downloads: 253)
.gif   spinner_big red.gif (Size: 6.66 KB / Downloads: 251)
.gif   spinner_big yellow.gif (Size: 6.66 KB / Downloads: 253)

Or download them all in a single ZIP-file:

.zip   AJAX loading (Size: 51.45 KB / Downloads: 45)

Happy theming!

Lennart Sauter
Forum Admin
I love the pink one. *~*

I was making a few for my anime site for dark backgrounds, I'll post when I get un-lazy and finish them!
That'd be nice Smile

These are looking better at white background, they aren't perfectly transparent because of the animation sadly...
Forum Admin
cool! nice add on here bro.. Tongue
i love it too
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Thank you zero Smile
Forum Admin

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