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License question
From what I understood, it said that we are only allowed to install the addons on one domain if we only paid for one subscription. So my question is, does this apply to plugins as well (assuming that the other domain is owned by us as well)?

I think it would be rather unreasonable to restrict the plugins to this as well as not even the paid version of MYPS did this which is a very popular and useful plugin. Not to mention that most of us might own at least two boards and might not even use all these plugins on one board, for instance, if I owned a forum for senior citizens (which I don't) I highly doubt they'd find the poke plugin enjoyable whereas if my other board was for teenagers, they would probably like the poke thing due to their Facebook experience so I would use it there and might use another of your plugins on my senior citizen board as that feature might appeal only to them and so on.
You can use one instance of an addon per license. The term addon includes plugins, themes, mycodes, addons and template edits, aswell as all other stuff under this license.

You can:
- Install one instance of the poke plugin at your teen forum
- Install one instance of the advertisement suite (for example) at the senior forum
as long as you do own both forums.

You can't:
- Install two instances of the advertisement suite at both, the senior and the teen forum if you do own one license only.

Why's that?
Because otherwise people would just become "Co-Admin" or Moderator and then upload the plugins for free for forums other people do own. does the same with their MYPS and plugins by the way, that's the reason for the creation of the advertisement suite (couldn't use Labrocca's advertisement plugin on two domains).

For further questions and to clearify any problems or find individual solutions please PM/Email me.

Thank you
Lennart Sauter
Forum Admin
Ah I see, I was misinterpreting the restrictions.

Thank you.

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