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You've probably noticed that I spent less time here at in the last days.
The reason for this is a complete remake of my best community site:

It got a completely new design and the CMS I integrated into MyBB there got a huge update. Performance is much better now and the new design brings up a better overview.

Changes have been made to the search engine and BB-Code engine there too.

At the moment the left site of the forum looks a bit empty but I'm in the middle of creating a unique sidebar for it.

If you'd like to please leave a review Smile
Forum Admin
Damn, I accidentally deleted 90% of the MyBB files while upgrading to 1.4.11 this morning.

Forum is now restored and should work properly again.

If anybody is interested, we deleted the old shoutbox (guestbook) and do now use a complex news system instead.

Kind regards
Lennart Sauter
Forum Admin

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