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Anonymus Mode
Name: Anonymus Mode
Description: Your users can post anonymously with this plugin.
You have to create one user account (e.g. Anonymous User) first and later your users can (don't need to) add an additional nick to their postings.
The posts/threads will be displayed as posted by the anonymus user but with the username the member entered.
The user who posted in reality isn't mentioned any longer.
If you don't understand this properly (it is actually hard to describe) please take a look at the screenshots below.

Demo: -
Version: 1.2
Compatibility: 1.8.x
Adds files: yes
Changes files: no
Adds templates: no
Changes templates: yes
Adds to database: no
Changes database: no

Logged in as Administrator. Starting a new thread and adding the username "MyNewNick".

Still logged in as Administrator I do a reply with a different nickname: "Other new nick"

This is how it looks now - thread view with 3 anonymous postings, all assigned to the one anonymous user. My nick Administrator is not mentioned there.
Also note that the /me code is replaced aswell.

This is how it would look with disabled plugin.

Settings for specific forums and groups. Adding forums and UID is required!

Download for subscribers:

.php   anonym_mode.php (Size: 7.43 KB / Downloads: 123)
With downloading this plugin you agree with the [Image: external.png]license rules.
Forum Admin
This should absolutely work with MyBB 1.8 latest. The anonymization is complete, mods and admins don't know who posted here. I don't know the linked code modification. This plugin allows to use a custom anonymous nickname and is able to restrict to certain user groups and certain subforums.
Forum Admin
No that's not possible with this plugin, sorry. You'd require a different plugin in this case.
Forum Admin
Hi Lennart,

Thanks for making this mod.

I am using the latest MyBB 1.8.22 and even though I specified the anonymous UID in the admin settings it still shows a blank 'Anonym username' field for the user to fill in when creating a post in one of the forums with anonymus mod enabled.

One other thing is that when selecting the groups in the admin settings - the Additional User Groups selected are not being picked up by the mod - only works with the user's primary one!

Kind regards,

Hi jasonuk,
could you PM me a screenshot of your user and the plugin settings? I'll look into it.

Best regards
Forum Admin
Hi Lennart,

Apologies - I see that you explained it above.

If I edit the default "" to my desired Username - is there a code modification that could show my default ('Anonymous') without no input allowed for the field?

Kind regards,

Just had a brain wave! Smile Could we have the anonymous option on the new thread post as a tick box to select whether the mod should be enabled or not for the post? If it is not ticked then the user's own account will be used to post but if it is ticked - will post anonymously! Smile
great to see that it was a misunderstanding on the username here and the plugin works.

Your requirements would be better suited in a new / slightly modified version of the plugin. It would require some refactoring because the plugin is currently using the forums and groups to decide.

PM me if you are interested in a custom verision of this plugin for your needs.

Best regards
Forum Admin

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