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Hide Suite
Name: Hide suite
Description: The hide suite plugin gives you the power to hide certain stuff from certain usergroups in certain forums. You can hide: Code, PhpCode, Quotes, images (IMG), emails and URLs.
You can also set a message displayed instead of the hidden stuff, for example: I set only images invisible for banned users. Now everybody will see the images, only banned users will see a custom message instead, for example: You are banned and can not see the image.

Version: 2.2
Compatibility: 1.8.x
Adds files: yes
Changes files: no
Adds templates: no
Changes templates: yes
Adds to database: no
Changes database: no

Original post, everything visible for the member

Everything hidden to a guest, messages displayed instead

Archive hidden

Quickreply hide

Settings in Admin CP - huge list for fine tuning

Download for subscribers:

.php   hidesuite.php (Size: 23.92 KB / Downloads: 30)
With downloading this plugin you agree with the [Image: external.png]license rules.

You can find the old version for MyBB 1.6 [Image: external.png]here.
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