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Basic Wordpress to MyBB integration BETA
Hi - how would I attempt this going the other way?  
So a user of my Wordpress site can post to or read the myBB forum without leaving the Wordpress themed environment?

Paul King
You might need to look for a wordpress plugin which does it in this case.
Forum Admin
I want show posts details in a post page. Like classic wordpress style.
I want be wp.php is default blog page. When users click post title then redirect to post page. Is this possible?

(Sorry for my English, I hope you understand me.)
I have been looking for this i just hope this helps..... Thanks so very much Admin

and please admin i really need your help..... When i use your quich reply to reply this post, i can see my comment usert the main post buy my own when one comments with quich reply comment dosent show under post, it only shows a link leading to the comment on another page entirely..... Please help

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