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Shoutcast Server integration
Could you please PM me your server settings and the version of the shoutcast server? Smile
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gives me offline =(
I can confirm that the plugin does still work fine on my test forum (latest mybb 1.6) with your shoutcast server:

Might be an issue with your server, maybe fsockopen does not work as expected. Sent you a PM.
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Thanks, i've send you a pm internally
thaks foru the plugin verry good
super plugin exactly what I'm looking only why I can not download it?
Because you have to [Image: external.png]Subscribe.
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Hi and thanks for this I never got it to show last time round but was due to non forwarded port at my host.

Anyway I get it to display but I cant listen when click the link?

Im guessing may be something to do with not having the password to log onto my radio server? Im using sam broadcaster.

Can I manually add the login info to the php file and if so any pointers as to what and where please?

Much appreciated
Ive also noticed the ip I add within the config settings shows one number short when displayed?
You probably can't directly login, there is no user-password bridge yet.

Can you post a screenshot about your second issue? Which number is short?
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