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Changes in the next days - another fusion
Hello everyone,
as you might have noticed I have been less active in the last weeks and I#d like to state why.

First, I was ill for some time and lay in bed. Because of this reason I missed school stuff and was very busy.
Other time-consuming stuff was added (car repairs, custom work) and so a lot of stuff was delayed.
I'm sorry for this but please don't wonder about it and don't think this site won't provide new things - there are more plugins to come (one released this week).

But before I add new plugins here, other changes will have priority. These changes will most likely be done tomorrow or the day after tomorrow and will be the following: will be merged with - a lot of new themes are to come then, aswell as new forum threads and of course new members.
I'd like you to welcome them here after the merge and be gentle Wink will be used as a domain for presentation of all themes. You will then have the opportunity to try out all themes and don't have to count on crappy LQ screenshots.

What am I waiting for?
The transfer of both domains isn't finished yet.

These are steps to improove this site to be the largest base for MybbAddons - themes, plugins, addons, template edits and mycodes. will include the following sites then:
- (of course Wink )

That means you will find the high quality content of five sites at one place -, I think this is good news for everybody.

Best regards to the whole community
your Admin Lennart Sauter
Forum Admin

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