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New MyBBDesign
Welcome to MyBBDesign,

You see, we have a full new system. You can add a download and that system save the name, etc and save the files and a screen shot and it make a thumb from that screen shot.

That system makes then also a thread where you can discus. But there is also a comment system in the system, there you can give some short comments, but in the threads, its more to ask something like psd files, ...

The MyBBDesign team

Give your opinion [Image: external.png]here Wink
Hi to all,
I'm a new italian user of myBB, it's fantastic, very compliment.
Excuse me for my orrible english but i'm not english.

I'm going to upgrade this board to MyBB 1.2.7, the demo board will stay in version 1.2.3
MyBBDesign is now running on MyBB 1.2.7!
I upgraded the software to 1.2.9 and set the default theme to hmm default... Wink

There will be some changes on the site for the future
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I would say you're the best on the block that I have seen so far.

Great themes and great graphics, keep up the good work.

All themes with downloadable files without registration are added to the demo forum.
I've added an advertisment after each 4th post. I hope this annoys no one to much and I tried my best to make it look like good. =)

So if you want to support this forum, please klick sometimes one intressting links and dissable you Advertisment filter localy for this site.

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