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Galleries PRO
It would be wonderfull if forumowners with a low bandwidth or not that much space to save images this Addon.
So request upload NO adding images url YES
Well, it'd be more like a link collector then, some sort of index.

You'll have to face a lot of other problems then, for example exceeded space at free imagehosts, missing images, no control about the links.

I'd not recommend that. Space and bandwith aren't much today and you'd do nothing different with attachments.

Kind regards
Lennart Sauter
Forum Admin
I am afraid that users of my forum gonna use it to much so that is cost a lot of bandwith or webspace.
My forum runs on a server/domain with 3000 MB webspace and 60 GB bandwith.
I have got 3 of this domains, so I could upload the images on a another database/domain. But that is not allowed.
domain 1 = forum
domain 2 = photopage

So when domain 2 (where the images will be uploaded) also has got a script to view the images on that domain I think it is allowed.

Or do you know somewhere a free host that I can use for uploading the images (database)?
Does this plugin has got not hotlinking function?
This addon does not have any hotlinking function at the moment, it's a complete upload script...

I might be able to change it for you in the christhmas hollidays.
Forum Admin
Thank you that would be wonderfull to save bandwidth.
And what about my question about having a view images script on the domain where the photos will be uploaded.
domain 1: Forum
domain 2: database for photos that will be showed in domain 1

So a script that the photos will be showed (no upload) also on domain 2 (then it is allowed from my hoster).
If I do the hotlinking possibility you'll be able to link images from whatever host you'd like to.
Forum Admin
I did not install this plugin yet, so perhaps I do not understand the plugin 100%.
In the instruction I read that you can use another database, so I think this also means that you can upload to another domain (what automatic means another database)?

What I mean with hotlink protection is.
Pictures will be uploaded to and showed in
If this picture will be showed on another domain as this two there must be something as hotlinking is not allowed.
No, it just means to use a different MySQL database on the same host.

Such a hotlinking protection can easily be done but should not be a feature of this gallery addon.
Forum Admin
OK Thank you.
Also my dream to use my forum on two domains is also not possible.
My hoster said you may not run your forum on two domains.
Then you had to take a expensiver resseler package.
My packet 24 euro 3000mb webspace/60GB bandwidth
Reseler packet 58 euro 5000mb webspace 50GB bandwidth

So thanks for answering all my question for this addon.
Look for our recommended webhost Hostgator! It should be possible there without problems, I do it with this forum and it's even less expensive then your host:
[Image: external.png]HOSTGATOR

You are welcome, all the best.
Forum Admin

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