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New Design! New Features!
We are proud to announce you that mybbdesign took a big step forward. We improved many things in the last days.

First take a look at our beautyfull main site:

If you read this, you have allready see out new design called DarkOrange. It is unique for mybbdesign and you can download it nowhere. But therefore i will release our old unique design in the next days for a free download.
I created the new design in 3 days and I had not the time to test everything. Note that the design isnt 100% finish yet! If you find some strange looking sites, please let me know.

But we also improved many thinks on the download system. Here is a short list of the new features:
  • Instead of uploading themes you can now link to these files. This is very usefull if you have not the right to public a theme. In such a chase, you should link on the download post and not direct on the download file!
  • You can now rate downloads and write comments which are posts in the download threads
  • You can add two files for on theme for example for editable icons.
  • We have two new download categorys: AdminPanel Themes and GameSection Themes
  • You can NOT add your themes direct an the themes forum. Please use this icon at the download section to upload your themes:
    [Image: external.png][Image: adddownload.gif]
A big thanks to Paretje for all those great features. Smile

I hope you enjoy the new site! Critism is allways welcome. Wink

If you want to support us, you can upload your themes or take the following code into your signatur: (it will look like my signature!)
You are not allowed to see code.
There is a new function added:
When a theme is added in the demoboard you have a link 'View preview', when you click on it, you will be redirected to the demoboard with that theme.
You do great work Smile

Since an unknown time, the demoboard functionality didn't work for 100%. Now, I repaired this.
MyBB 1.4.x categories are made. A demoboard will be included with the MyBB 1.4 version of our downloads system.
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