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Merry Christmas with MyBBDesign
First of all, I wish you a merry christmas and a good new year! Smile

Of course this is not only the reason for this announcement. Since the last one, many things changed on and i want to give a little summarization about the news.

First of all the out default design was upgraded and now everyone can download a clean version for MyBB 1.2.10 with some extras [Image: external.png]here.

MyBBDesign has now a new forum structure. Hopefully there are now nomore threads in the wrong forums. Note: If you want to upload themes or icons, don't make a new thread in the support forum. Please read this small [Image: external.png]guide if you don't know how to publish your themes.

Last of all I want to say something in general:

Me and Paretje, we spend many time to improve this site and give you the best support we can. But of course we don't life only for MyBBDesign, so please help us to make this site growing. You can upload themes, help us with support questions or simply give feedback about this site and the themes.

So I hope you enjoy you hollidays Wink

New functions for download system:
- Overview comments (detailed view)
- Quick comment (detailed view)
- Ability to download a game as guest
- Ability to add a download as guest
The board is upgraded today to MyBB 1.2.11.
Nice that you found time for the upgrade. Smile
The board is upgraded today to MyBB 1.2.12
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