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Support Forum + Advertisement

well i opend a new forum, which was missing the hole time. I can't believe it, but there was no area for support questions about themes. In this new forum, you can reqest themes. I moved all old support-asking thread in this forum now and I hope you will also user to answer there questions! Smile

Here we go to our [Image: external.png]Support Forum

I also included [Image: external.png]Google Adsense now in this forum. I pay arround 5 Euro per month for this site and I hope you understand this step, to make mybbdesign a lot more independent. I've done my best to include the "Ad"s good in this site. You can find the advertisment on the following pages: [Image: external.png]threads, [Image: external.png]downloads and the [Image: external.png]starting page.

So pleasedissable your Adsense filter for this site. Then you make a great step to help us. Of course, the best way to support us is allways to be active and upload themes. Smile

I hope you like the changes. Feedback and (bad) crtism is always welcome!
OK i disable the advertisment again. Smile
P@trick Wrote:OK i disable the advertisment again. Smile
Why? Tongue
I can live good without some $ andf most guys uses adblock Wink

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