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Search Extension: Get threads without replies
To your first issue:
At the moment the plugin creates for all people who are mods (is_mod checking) a seperate link containing only the IDs of the forums where they are assigned to as moderators. SO it should allready work the way you want to have it.

Secondly - would require changing in the plugin to exclude FIDs, I can do that if it's really necessary.

Custom header should work with this:
Forum Admin
Ok, some good news is that I got my nav bar working with the plugin.

Bad thing is that the link for moderators to see zero replies in their forums does not work. I tried everything, even reverting to the header back to original to see if it was my nav bar, but even then it didn't work. It did find zero replies but across the full forum.

Has anyone else tried this?

Also Lennart, being able to exclude specific forums would be very important to me, to filter out news feeds. It would also be very useful to set a time frame to search for 0 replies, so for example I can set it to search 1 or 2 weeks, rather than 4 years worth of posts.
Hey Lennart - any thoughts on this?
No, it works for me and should work for others. I'm waiting for somebody else to confirm it as working or not working...
Forum Admin
Has anyone else tried this as I would really like to get this working?
Hi Lennart,

I still have not managed to get this working? I tried it on my 1.6 forum after sorting compatibility.

It is still searching across the full forum. Just to confirm that all my mods are set as Global Mods which I feel may be the problem. But they are also assigned as mods of set forum.

I also need to be able to exclude certain forums from the search, and also to be able to set a time limit as at the moment it is searching across the full history.



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