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Galleries Light
I am new to this but getting there....Love this Addon...Is there anyway for the images to open in Lightbox
Sorry if its an obvious question
Cheers RobC
Yes you can modify it to open the images in lightbox.
Forum Admin
Thanks for the quick reply.

Could you tell me where I would put the lightbox files so that it works pls.
I have tried for about a week now and cant seem to get it to work.
I had them all in the root directory and put the code in the Header Template but no joy. I also wasn't sure where to put the CSS
Like I said bit of a noob but willing to learn.

Cheers RobC
You should put the link to the JS files into the headerinclude template.
Forum Admin
Attention, the package has been updated with a new version of the gedit.php file.
There was a small bug that could cause troubel with gallerie edits for some users.

Please redownload the archive and overwrite your old gedit.php with the new file.

Thank you.
Forum Admin
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1. No solution, should be HTML special chars. Do you use UTF-8 encoding?
2. SEO is activated in the addon.

I updated the archive to fix a small typo.
Forum Admin
I were bit interested what is it and found some mistakes/bugs, here it is:
There was just an image missing in our gallery. I guess I deleted it accidently from FTP but not from DB.
Fixed now.
Forum Admin
Hi Lennart,

Thanks for a very nice addon! I'm just installing and testing it now, but I have a questin: Can I add support for special characters somehow?

I'm thinking specifically of the three norwegian letters æ, ø and å. As I'm not very familiar with PHP and HTML coding, I don't really know where to start.. Smile

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