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Galleries Light
This is a thread about the galleries addon for MyBB.
You can find a demo here:
Demo no longer available

There are two versions for the galleries addon now:
A light and a pro version.

Light version without custom installation requires only a backlink with a banner.
Place the following code on your site in order to use this addon:
You are not allowed to see code.

This is a huge addon.
Every user can create his own galleries (not limited). He can decide if it'll be a public / private gallery, that means he can decide if others can add images to this gallery.
All owned galleries and the last uploaded images are listed in profile.
You can add name and description to every single image and to every gallery.
Images can be edited and deleted via admin and author.

Included features:
- Full MyBB integration with design + members (login, registration all via MyBB)
- Automatic thumbnail generation
- Easy administration via MyBB
- Unlimited images and galleries possible

Preview (Photomontage):
[Image: external.png][Image: galleries.jpg]

Comments, requests and suggestions are welcome Smile


.zip (Size: 16.01 KB / Downloads: 99)
With downloading this addon you agree with the [Image: external.png]license rules.
Forum Admin
There seems to be a file missing , member.php in the galleries folder, get object not found when logging in.
This happens when you try to login, it's because of a small MyBB mistake...
MyBB does take the direct folder if you use quick login and not the MyBB root.

Steps to solve this bug:
Go to your Admin CP, Edit Template:
Header Tempates -> header_welcomeblock_guest
You are not allowed to see code.
Replace with:
You are not allowed to see code.

This will use the normal login procedure and you will not get any erros.
I'm sorry for that but there is no other way it seems... maybe MyBB will update it somehow in MyBB 1.6.

Kind regards
Lennart Sauter
Forum Admin
I updated the Galleries Light addon for better performance and nicer HTML now.
I recommend everybody to redownload it Wink

And please don't forget about the backlink to!
Kind regards
Forum Admin
I got a good question from KuJoe I'd like to answer here for everybody:
KuJoe Wrote:How hard would it be to upgrade to the Pro version if I install the lite version and I like it?

Updating the light gallerie to the pro version is easy, you just have to replace and add some files and database tables.
You'll not loose any uploaded images or galleries and you'll be able to comment and rate the old images too.

Any questions, comments and suggestions can be placed here too Smile
Forum Admin
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Thanks to Hecktro for his PM to me - bugfix for galleries light is now available.
Please redownload the archive and reupload the files from the galleries folder.

I mixed up some pro stuff with the light gallery Wink

Sorry everyone, should work fine now.
Forum Admin
Why you don't use Mybb plugin Api? LOL
Because this is meant to be independent from MyBB, for example you can use your own database.

Did you ever have a MyBB with 100.000 threads and additionally a gallery with 10.000+ images running?
That's something no server can handle I think.

It's also more secure and stable.

I do use the plugin API for display in profile and so on but not for the maincore because it's not needed there.
Forum Admin
I have only forum with 115,973 threads...
Now plugin don't have a multiserver and multidatabase support, don't use translation, and template options. Install not be one click....

Are you saying that the Plugin API Mybb is not safe?
Nice, you might know the trouble then.
The addon (not plugin) is configured to use it's own database if necessary.
My host limits the MySQL connections to 25 at a time - this appeared to be a huge problem when my sites grew bigger.
So I decided to use multiple databases for huge projects - one for my personal site, one for MyBB 1, one for MyBB 2, one for CMS and so on...
Advantages are clear: 4x25 MySQL connections, faster loading for all applications.

So multi database support is definately given (multi server isn't, sorry).

I can add translation if you wish but at the moment it wasn't necessary.
I added german translation by request to the blog addon for example.

Addon uses standard MyBB templates, does not add own template sets.

Installation is not one click, now. It requires multiple clicks but in my opinion the advantages are worth the more clicks for setup - it's only required for the setup, lateron everything will be handled automatically.

I think using two databases is more secure and there are simple reasons for that:
- You can update both applications seperated from each other
- You can backup them seperately
- If one of the applications encounter a security risk it will not apply to the other application (MyBB just fixed some exploits in their last release)

Also if you ever want to switch from MyBB to anything else you might loose all your data from plugins - this is almost stand alone application and could also run with PhpBB or anything, in fact it worked fine with IPB on my localhost.
I do switch my applications from time to time, came from premade boards to PhpBB and now MyBB - from Wordpress to Typo 3 and finally to my own coding- I always had to port the content over manually and that was a lot of work.

I hope you can see my reasons - it's not a bug, it's a feature Wink

Other plugins like the adsuite are complete plugins because it is usefull there.

Kind regards
Lennart Sauter

EDIT: PS: That's why I call it addon and not plugin Wink
Forum Admin
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