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Advertisement suite
You are right, sorry.
If it's not included in the plugin then it's not available, you can add advertisement to the forumdisplay using the rules or whatever though.
Forum Admin
Stupid question but I'll as anyway!

How long does it take for the banners to rotate?
The banners are randomly shown, that means you should get a new banner on every refresh Smile
Forum Admin
trying it to see
Just a random question. Sorry for the bump

- Does this work with MyBB 1.6 if I just change the compatibility?
- If it does not, will there be an official 1.6 version out there?
No problem.

I did not test this with 1.6 yet, there will be a new version for 1.6 soon however.

Best regards
Lennart Sauter
Forum Admin
I´m using it on 1.6 and it´s working fine!

I tried to put the $showad1 in the online template and in the private template (private messages) but it´s not working, it´s only working on the profile template (where i don´t want it to be)?
i can not understand why?
thanks for help
how to download
I'm using ver 1.1 of your advertisement suite.

I've noticed a very odd 'bug' if you missing a link when you click on a fourm link and click on the background color it will take you to the currently displayed banner add.

Is this intended?

We are using the plugin with mybb 1.6 but it was doing this with ver 1.4 as well.

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