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Advertisement suite
also its removed my "DVZ Shoutbox" PLease fix this :/ Asap
Looks like you are using an incompatbile theme which messed up the templates. PM me your forum details and I'll look into it Smile
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check your inbox man
lafangu had a small problem with the google adsense advertisements which used a | as char in the script. I released a new plugin version 1.5 (have a look at the first post) which does now use the chars ### to separate multiple ads for rotation.

Please adjust your advertisement codes if you're upgrading.
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Can you please give me instructions on how to install this?
You can install this like all MyBB plugins. Upload it to your MyBB inc/plugins/ directory and install and activate it in the MyBB Admin CP in the plugins section.
Once done go to the MyBB settings in the ACP and adjust the plugin settings (fill in your ads).

Best regards
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(10-11-2014, 08:43 AM)Lennart Wrote: Name: Advertisement suite
Description: The advertisement suite plugin provides you various settings for displaying advertisement. You can display ads at 5 different places at your board: In profile, on index, at the beginning of a thread (showthread), in the footer or between posts.
You can set which groups shall not see the advertisement for each place.
You can hide the showthread and between post advertisement on certain forums.
Banner rotation function - enter multiple ad codes and seperate them with a ### to display them randomly!

Version: 1.5
Compatibility: 1.8.x
Adds files: yes
Changes files: no
Adds templates: no
Changes templates: yes
Adds to database: no
Changes database: no


Ads displayed every 3 posts (Watch out for "Advertiser")

Advertisement in footer - can also be used as a copyright line or whatever

Ads on index - At I do use it as a message for guests Wink

Advertisement in profile

Advertisement on showthread

The settings - complete list. For fine tuning in any situation.

Download for subscribers:

With downloading this plugin you agree with the [Image: external.png]license rules.

If the advertisement between the posts do not show up, add at the end of the postbit template:

You are not allowed to see code.

like Cool
is this good with google adsence?
Yes this works perfectly with google adsense.
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Hello mine is showing the hyperlink on my page but not the actual image. Can you help?
I will pm you the link to site

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