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[1.6] Abbreviations
Well yes!

Would you like me to send you an email with the errors? I really like this plugin and so it would be great if these little errors can be fixed.
No, I don't need the errors, I used a regex.

The plugin has been updated to version 1.1, please see the first post for instructions and info Smile Should work now.
Forum Admin
Hi Lennart,

Well that new regex fixed the issue, but also caused others.

Firstly, it forces words that are not abbreviations into the abbreviated format such as:

"top" which change to one of my abbrev "ToP", here is an example:


With upgrade:

It also messes with one of the customer mycodes I use for mod warnings:


With Upgrade:
I see hmm, I will look into the issues tomorrow (late night here) and try to find a better solution.
Forum Admin
Ok, sadly I have had to disable the plugin for now, as it was also messing up links etc.
Hm, but top is an abbreviation you added?
Forum Admin
No, I added ToP as an abbreviation, and in the upgraded version you provided it somehow took the word "top" and changed it to "ToP" and then highlighted it / provided the pop up explanation.
I had an error in my regex syntax, sorry.
Could you try this file and tell me if it works?
<file removed>

It should take care of big and small letters now and worked for me. If it works for you I will update the package in the first post.
Forum Admin
Works perfectly now Lennart Smile

Thank you very much for the quick response.
I updated the package in the first post for all other users. Thanks for your feedback Smile

Best regards
Lennart Sauter

EDIT: Plugin is completely compatible with MyBB 1.6, tested with 1.6 beta!
Forum Admin

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