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[1.6] Abbreviations
it is possible to change pop-up abbreviations with custom "balloon CSS"? Smile
Yes, was allready asked and answered here:
Forum Admin
Hi Lennart,

I have encountered an issue. When someone posts a link that has characters that are abbreviated, then it is breaking the link?

So if I have an abbreviation for "CC", it breaks the following link:

Is it possible for the plugin to ignore links?
Hmm, that will be difficult as the plugin would have to ignore unparsed BB-Code...

I'll see what I can do.
Forum Admin
Thanks I really appreciate it, as this plugin is fantastic, quite possibly my favourite. So if this can be fixed it would be great.

Also, as this is a 1.6 plugin, should it not be in the other section.
This is a version for 1.4 and 1.6, I will release the next version for 1.6 only in the 1.6 forum then Smile
Forum Admin
Hi Lennart - any news on this yet. I still have the issue at the moment so would really appreciate anything that could be done.
Nothing new yet, I'll post the new version once it's ready...
Forum Admin
(10-08-2010, 07:41 AM)Lennart Wrote: Nothing new yet, I'll post the new version once it's ready...

I just came across this plugin and think it's a great idea. Would it also be possible for the plugin to change the appearance of any defined abbreviation, so it would be obvious to the members that they can hover their mouse over it in order to see more information?
Can be done, see this post:
Forum Admin

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