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[1.6] Abbreviations
(10-18-2010, 02:17 AM)Lennart Wrote: Can be done, see this post:

Thank you, I had seen that, but you mentioned you could add a setting for that. That would definitely make things easier for everyone, to have it as a setting.
I'll do that in the next version, yes Smile
Forum Admin
Hi Lennart,

Sorry to keep pestering you for this, but is there any news on the bug I reported being fixed yet? It is still occurring, breaking up linked files etc.
Lennart, any news on an updated version? Thank you...

Also, it seems like the plugin no longer works, since upgrading to 1.6.2
Hi Lennart - I hope you are well, it has been a while Smile

I am in the process of upgrading my forum, and upon testing this plugin does not work on 1.6.5.

This is one of my most important plugins due to the number of abbreviations used on my board.

Would you be able to update this to 1.6.5? My testing showed the plugin activated ok, settings appeared ok in ACP, but the highlight and description on mouseover did not work on the actual forum.

Hope to hear back from you.


I know that your request was some time ago but I finally had some time to do this. You can find the new version here:
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