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Galleries PRO
There are a couple of things I was looking for in a gallery plugin for phpbb. I was wondering if your plugin meets these:

Random images from galleries bar on the upper portion of the index page
Comments capability for users to provide comments on other peoples images in their galleries

Thanks in advance for letting me know if this is available or can be added (I'll be more than happy to pay for the plugin if it is capable of doing these things and all works well, etc...).

Random images are a nice suggestion and shouldn't be a problem at all...
Can be done by your request.

Comment system is finished and ready to use, you can see it in action with the blog addon.
Write it in your order if you wish to have it please, I had some people who disliked the comment function as it took the forum use away Wink

So your requests should be possible for the regular pricing, no additional coding is required.

Thank you for your questions, I hope I could answer them to your needs.

Kind regards
Lennart Sauter
Forum Admin
I just enabled watermarks in the whole demo gallery, also enabled WYSIWYG comments for everybody who wishes to see it in action.

You can also delete gallerys now - including all related images.

Please try and comment Smile

Download now added for all subscribers Wink
Forum Admin
I can't stop working on this, it's my own favourite addon Big Grin

Now optimized it for better HTML and better performance.
Updated archive, all other archives are updated aswell (download for buyers).

Have fun!
Forum Admin
I'll reply to your post setp by step.

(06-27-2009, 12:01 AM)kaixer Wrote: - what about only admin can create category? (multiple category)
Nice idea, could be implemented.

Quote:- All user can have their own gallery
Allready included?
Every user can have his own gallery... or more. You can limit it to one easily though.
And through the "private gallery" option others will not be able to upload images so it's really his gallery.

Quote:- Frontpage of Gallery will look like DeviantArt.So, all new images will appear at front page (you can see at
Worth thinking about it, I'd just have to modify the plugin that shows last images in user profile...
Would you like to have the last x images displayed on forum index or on gallery index?

Quote:- Comment box (maybe AJAX or like mybb default quick reply)
Comment box is there, no ajax though. I'll learn Ajax lateron, not able to do Ajax yet.

Quote:- Browse gallery
Will be implemented soon...

Quote:- They can choose license from Creative Common
I had such a plugin at but users never used it. Guess most users don't understand anything from licensing.
Can be implemented though.

Quote:- Add images to Favourite (will appear in profile maybe or in user gallery page)
Not sure about that one... could be integrated with the current rating system though...

Quote:- Rate Images
allready implemented

Quote:- Category Sidebox
Would come with admin categories

Quote:- Collection (user create new folder/collection)
sorry - what do you mean with that? User can create new gallery...

Quote:- Progress Bar uploader
Ajax or Flash - I'm not able to do it.

Quote:- RSS for gallery, albums and comments
Not planned, never looked into RSS since I don't use it.

Quote:- Automatically generated thumbnails, custom crops possible!, and sized-down images
Gallery addon has automatic generation of thumbnails (sized down images).

Quote:- Maybe you can make new User CP & profile, but it only for Gallery (Gallery CP & User Gallery) - Shy
Why? Then you'd have a seperate gallery... would be pointless somehow wouldn't it? Wink

Kind regards
Lennart Sauter

PS: Please note that I'm quite busy with a lot of things at the moment and these modifications might happen - but not soon.
Forum Admin
Well, take your time..
This is huge addon, so I understand. Big Grin

I'm glad to hear you want to upgrade this addon.
I have on question lennart, does it come with an activation and deactivation procedure like regular plugins or do we still need to do the installation manually like before?
Manual installation is required because you can run it on a different database aswell (which is very useful when having a lot of traffic and storage).
It's a simple SQL query, I included it, run it from PhpmyAdmin.

The plugin to show the recent stuff has usual activation/deactivation proceeding.
Forum Admin
Oh okay, thanks Smile I'll install it today probably and will start using it to upload my screenshots Big Grin

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