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Galleries PRO
Have fun with it Smile
Forum Admin
Thanks I will Tongue
Ok found some bugs:
  • When it has no galleries, colspan is wrong (should be 2) and it should say "No galaries found" or something like that rather than display a row with nothing Tongue
  • After creating a gallery it redirects me to the Add/Edit gallery page but the ID in the URL is null, thus it won't display the correct page.
  • Author in tcat should be aligned to the left not to the right as the user name of the authors is aligned to the left.
  • Error messages should be displayed in a row rather than being displayed above the table with no style at all.
  • Once more, after submitting an image to a gallery, the redirect url is incorrect.
  • The thumbnail is black and I really needed this because of the thumbnails Tongue

Watermark image!?
Can't I remove it or is it against the license?
Well, usually there is at least one gallery, you can't really use the system otherwise.

Thumbnails shouldn't be black at all... they aren't black here... Can you check the functionthumbnail.php and your php settings?

Watermark can be dropped on/off, it's a feature Smile

I'll look into the other issues, thank you for your report.
Forum Admin
Oh, great then.
By the way, where can I change the settings?
Images should be created fine. MyDownloads creates thumbnails perfectly. I'll have to try another image later
I'm trying to subscribe but it takes me to Paypal and is in German? Sorry cant send the info if I cant read it.
Paypal should be in your local language.

I did send you a PM.
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it won't work properly, i installed like your readme.txt and it seems to be ok, but when i add a new gallery and submit - nothing happen
Could you give me a link / test account?
It should work fine if you did set up the DB properly.
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