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Galleries PRO
This is a thread about the galleries addon for MyBB.
You can find a demo here:
Demo no longer available

This is a huge addon.
Every user can create his own galleries (not limited). He can decide if it'll be a public / private gallery, that means he can decide if others can add images to this gallery.
All owned galleries and the last uploaded images are listed in profile.
You can add name and description to every single image and to every gallery.
Images and galleries can be edited and deleted via admin and author.
Included features:
- Full MyBB integration with design + members (login, registration all via MyBB)
- Automatic thumbnail generation
- Easy administration via MyBB
- Unlimited images and galleries possible
- [Pro only] rating feature - every member can rate every image once.
- [Pro only] WYSIWYG Commentsupport
- [Pro only] Watermark support

Preview (Photomontage):
[Image: external.png][Image: galleries.jpg]

Comments, requests and suggestions are welcome Smile

Download for subscribers:

.zip (Size: 1.13 MB / Downloads: 117)
With downloading this addon you agree with the [Image: external.png]license rules.

EDIT: Updated against security risk.
Forum Admin
This looks very interesting some what like the gallery add on for IPB I guess Smile
I don't know the addon for IPB but thanks for your kind words Smile
Forum Admin
nice addon great work Smile
Thank you ancraz Smile
Forum Admin
Hello everyone,
I reworked the design now to fit MyBB better.

The listing of the galleries looks now very similar to the thread listing of MyBB and the navigation and the item (like posts) are fitting the MyBB design better too.

Check out these new screenshots:

I'd like some feedback - is this what you meant with the design?
Is it better now?
What else can be improved?

Thank you
Lennart Sauter
Forum Admin
change comment box to WSYIMGW...
it will look better than default
Hello kaixer,
I'm sorry but the galleries addon does not have any comment function so far.
I can of course implement it but so far nobody requested it Smile

Do you mean WYSIWYG by the way?

Kind regards
Lennart Sauter
Forum Admin
Indeed very cool! I would use it on my forum board, the pro version for sure. It has nothing missing.
You just recieved it, thanks for purchasing Wink

I hope you'll like it.

EDIT: A small bug was found by Cdmar (time was displayed wrong), it's now fixed. All buyers got a PM how to fix this bug, all download links updated and sent.
Thank you Cdmar!
Forum Admin

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