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(06-12-2009, 06:34 PM)Lennart Wrote: I can give you the songs I added here but there is no huge database - this should be done by admin and users Wink

EDIT: 120+ genres are included though.

Alright, that shouldn't be hard at all. Thanks for clearing that up.
No problem, thank you for your question!
Forum Admin
Recently added lyrics.

Just a suggestion but maybe it would be good to add a recently added lyrics line in the header area of the plugin that can be turned on or off in the ACP?

Nice idea, this can be done of course.

I'd personally like to have such a list on forum index, what would you think about that?

All lyrics are saved with timestamp so you just have to sort them by timestamp - no problem at all...

Kind regards
Lennart Sauter
Forum Admin
Yes, that sounds good Smile

Good idea to be able to turn it off easily in the admin cp though. I will be subscribing soon as I am interested in this and another plugin.
I'll do that soon...

Thank you for the suggestion Smile
Forum Admin
If I could just find the download links.... Sad
Yes, I deleted it for adding your new feature Smile

You can download it now from the first post.

I added the overview for the recently added lyrics to the index, you can activate it via plugin.

I hope everything will be fine now - if you have any questions please post them here Smile
Forum Admin
Really nice. Could be a few improvements but really nice Smile

Is the attached area supposed to be blank?


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The area shall be blank, yes. Nothing to display there Wink

If you have any suggestions for improvements I'll be glad to hear them and add them to the addon.

Kind regards
Lennart Sauter
Forum Admin

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