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This is a thread about the lyrics addon for MyBB.
You can find a demo here:
Demo no longer available

This is a big addon.
Every user can create lyrics to songs (not limited). He can add a link to a youtube video containing the movie (will be displayed as embedded video!).
Last 5 written lyrics are listed in profile.
You can add name, interpret and description to every song.
Songlyrics can be edited and deleted via admin and author.
Lyrics can be sorted by artist or genre (120+ genres allready included, editable).

Included features:
- Full MyBB integration with design + members (login, registration all via MyBB)
- Automatic youtube video embedd
- Easy administration via MyBB
- Unlimited lyrics possible
- Rating feature - every member can rate every song once.
- Find all lyrics by one author
- [NEW] Browse all artists by first letter of the name ([Image: external.png]Click here for example)
- [NEW] Recently added lyrics can be shown on index, last added lyrics by user can be shown on profile. Settings via plugin.


Download for subscribers:

.zip (Size: 15.72 KB / Downloads: 37)

Comments, requests and suggestions are welcome Smile
Forum Admin
Lol it's a cool add on Smile
how to arrange lyric categories?
maybe make in table

i means it;s look like 'random' display

++ can u change comment box to wysiwyg ?

if you can make this like i want, i would like to buy this addon
Forum Admin
cool~ really like it..

pls check you PM,Lennart =]
I'll reply to you as soon as possible Smile

EDIT: Added new feature "Browse artists (all or by first letter)".
Forum Admin
I actually think that this could be an addon to blogs, however, not self-standing because being this way it isnt really useful. Maybe if you would include music player to it or video option so that users could include the actual music within lyrics and call the whole addon "My Music" or similar.
You can include a Youtube Video easily to each song.
I saw this addon in use on some sites and I think it works fine and shouldn't be expanded at the moment.

Interesting idea though.
Forum Admin
This is going to be perfect for my new music forum. Does this come with any preloaded songs or is that up to the admin? I know members can add songs
I can give you the songs I added here but there is no huge database - this should be done by admin and users Wink

EDIT: 120+ genres are included though.
Forum Admin

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