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CHMOD 777 shall not be set to the php files, only to the upload directories!
Forum Admin
xD I did to everything. Does it make a difference?
When you CHMOD php files with 777 you can end up with a 500 internal error.
Forum Admin
Oh dam. What should PHP file be?
I'd suggest 644...
Forum Admin
Modded all php files to 644 and all dirs are 777. Still not working.
Still getting a 500 internal? Weird. Please contact your host for more information what's going wrong here.
Forum Admin
Yes sir. Um, what should I ask them about? Anything specific or just ask them why I am getting this error?

On a side note... if you mis configure the msql file, it won't give you the error "You user name or password is wrong" when you goto mysite/addons/lyrics but I noticed when I click on a link in my chatbox it will give me that error (only when the mysql file is mis-configed)
Not sure what you know about the MySQL file - if a php file does not run it won't display errors eighter.

Yes, your host should have a log that tells them why the 500 error appears. With this info you should be able to get it fixed or I could do it then.

Best regards
Lennart Sauter
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